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5 Foods & Beverages Hurting the Health of Your Hair

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We all know that eating at fast food restaurants and drinking sugary drinks or too many

alcoholic beverages are not the best choices for our health or body. But did you know the food and drinks we put in our body all effect our hair?!

After our list of what to eat last month, here is our list of what you should not eat.

  1. Sugar. Protein is super important for your hair and sugar hinders the absorption of it. It also produces a hormone (androgen) to be released, causing your cuticle to shrink. This has been linked to hair loss.

  2. Alcohol. Alcohol Slows the levels of zinc in your body and zinc is a necessary mineral for healthy hair and growth. It can also dehydrate you which in turn makes your hair more brittle. If you are going to enjoy your cocktails, make sure to at least drink water in between to stay hydrated.

  3. Trans fat foods. Nasty trans fats can clog your pores, even on your scalp. Which in turn can lead to hair loss. Try using an air fryer instead. Enjoy the foods you love, just a healthier version.

  4. High mercury fish. High levels of mercury, as found in swordfish and mackerel, have been linked to hair loss. Another area you have to be careful with is sushi. As a general rule, it's best not to eat it more than 3 times a week. That much sushi can cause your levels of Mercury to rise to a dangerous level. So, salmon and shrimp are healthier alternatives.

  5. Pizza, pasta and other starchy food. These high carbohydrate foods have similar effects to sugar. Because they turn into sugar after you ingest them, they can spike your insulin levels resulting in your follicle shrinking. This can turn into hair loss.

**Bonus Tip. Those juice cleanses you think are so great for your health, well not so much for your hair! Being on an all juice diet, likely means very little protein. Which is what your hair is actually made of and requires to be strong and healthy. They can again also overload you on too much sugar. And we learned from above too much sugar 1. Hinders the absorption of Protein 2. Raises insulin level that can cause your follicle to shrink

Takeaway~The above food/drinks can deprive your hair of luster, thickness and health. As an alternative, add some healthy fats, drink a ton of water and up your greens for healthy, shinier hair!

See last months blog for the 5 super foods to gorgeous hair

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