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Having a bad hair day? Want some help?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I love (LOVE!!!) seeing my Lexington clients and catching up with them, but I respect that some people might be relying on home hair care for a while. So, I put together a few easy tips to take care of your hair at home!

Shampoo: Remember to shampoo no more than every other day. You hair isn’t dirty enough and will get too dry if you wash more often. Generally speaking, the ideal frequency declines as you get older. If you are in your 50’s and have teens or younger kids, chances are they will wash their hair more often than you.

Condition: Despite what you may think, everyone needs conditioner! Even my fine haired friends. Make sure to condition each time you wash your hair. Rinsing out the products you use is also very important. Be thorough and try to use cooler water, because it closes the cuticle and smooths out your hair.

Towel Drying: If you towel dry your hair, make sure to remove extra water first, then gently pat the towel or squeeze it over the hair. It’s important not to rub the towel against your head and hair, as it will open the cuticle and create more added frizz. Being too rough with your hair will damage it.

Brushing: Start from the bottom and work your way up to the scalp, and make sure you are gentle with your hair and not too rough (see towel drying!) An added tip is to brush your hair before showering. This will help the detangler work well and it’s good for your drain too. In a future blog the salon will recommend brushes.

Styling: If you plan to use a hot tool, such as a blow dryer, curling iron or flattening iron, is its VERY important to use a heat protection product first. It’s amazing how much added protection this will give your hair.

BONUS Tip: Believe it or not, you ARE what you EAT, even with your hair. A healthy diet will go a long way to having healthy hair. Try to eat a lot of protein and healthy fats, and your hair will reward the effort in looking healthy and shiny.

Enjoy taking care of your hair. I do!

Recommended shampoo/conditioner

Protect your hair before styling

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