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Waves Aren't Just at the Beach

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Hair care tips for the summer and beyond ... something for EVERYONE!

We are all familiar with the upkeep of our hair on a normal day-to-day basis; but if you have been experiencing some hair damage or maybe even some hair loss, hopefully some of these tips will help prevent any further damage.

1~Start with a shampoo that is right for your hair.

If it is damaged, go with a restore or very hydrating shampoo. Even for fine hair, a lot of brands now have a moisturizing shampoo specifically for fine texture, so you get the nourishment without the weight. Try to avoid a hair product with any sodium in it, for the at least the first 3 ingredients. These can be very harsh on your hair. Again, something I always preach ... your hair does not get dirty enough to be washed every day. Over washing is often a culprit of dry hair. Shampoo is too harsh to be used every day. If you complain about oily hair, it is because your oils are trying to overcompensate for all the washing, and producing more to keep up with you. It takes about a month for your oils to get used to your new washing schedule and trust me it will be worth it! If you have to, you can rinse and condition daily but NOT shampoo daily.

2~Follow a healthy diet.

I did an entire blog on this one, That's how important what goes in your body affects your hair. Everything in moderation but the protein that fuels your body, also helps strengthen your hair. Eat fresh fruits, veggies, fish and chicken. Reduce your intake of fatty or fried foods, salt and sugar. And remember to drink plenty of water! Unfortunately, that is one thing I always have to remind myself of too. Try a multi vitamin to get the added nutrients you may need. I am also a big fan of Vital Protein Collagen Powder. Great benefits for men and women.

4~Protect your hair while swimming.

Swimming is a great exercise which benefits the body as a whole. Plus it is a great pastime for the summer! Unfortunately, it’s not always that beneficial for your hair. Chemicals used in swimming pools and salt water in the ocean can damage your hair by stripping it of its essential oils and nutrients, which results in making your hair dry and brittle. The best thing to do at the pool is to saturate your hair with water before jumping in. Everyone may not have a shower at their pool but there is always a hose! Just get your hair completely wet so there is no more room in your cuticle for the harsh chemicals of the pool. Do not be embarrassed to do this at a friends pool, it will help teach them how important it is also. When you are at the beach, keep a spray bottle of water or a leave in conditioner in your beach bag and give it a good spray before diving into those waves. Sounds like it could be a hassle? Definitely not, its just about getting into a routine. It is a quick easy way to keep your hair healthy while still enjoying the water. This also helps to protect those expensive services you have paid for (Brazilian blowouts) and also keeps your color from fading.

5~Avoid excessive heat on your hair.

Hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons can style your hair in great ways but this can sometimes come at a price. They are fine to use occasionally or even daily if used correctly. But prolonged use can dry out your hair and cause split ends. Keep your hair looking great and feeling healthy by using a cooler/lower setting on your hair dryer/iron. And you always want to use a heat protect spray. These few easy tips will make all the difference.

*Stress unfortunately is always a factor in hair health. One that can’t be avoided sometimes but to keep in mind if you are feeling some hair loss. If you are going through a lot of stress, try the above tips to keep your hair as healthy as you can while getting you through the tough times.

A couple of smaller scale tips.

Avoid excessive use of hair products.

Most styles today are soft and natural, so we’re lucky not to overdue it with this. But just a reminder that too much of any product can produce buildup. And over use can cause damage. If heavier products are used too often then they can build up in the hair which puts too much pressure on it, causing it to weaken and break.

Avoid tight hair styles. When you continually pull your hair back tightly, it is too tough on your strands, especially around the hairline. This can put strain on the follicles and weaken them over a period of time causing breakage. Try to leave a looser pony tail or even looser braids. Your hair will thank you for it.

Avoid forceful brushing of your hair. Remember to always start from the bottom up. Be gentle while brushing. This ensures your hair to stay healthy without adding damage.

One of my favorite hair products of the summer,

Living Proof Humidity Shield. This product has 3 key components to protect your locks through the summer. First, it protects your hair from getting frizzy after you styled it. Second, it protects your color from fading with UV sunscreen (leave one in your beach bag!) And lastly, it also has heat protection while styling. Come by the salon to purchase a bottle. We love it so much, we sell it!

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